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Sharena Sol - 2 TBS. A Little Deliciousness

2 TBS Sharena Sol.JPG
2 TBS Sharena Sol.JPG

Sharena Sol - 2 TBS. A Little Deliciousness


Colorful Bulgarian Salt, Sharena Sol is a blend of herbs, spices and salt packaged in a gorgeous Italian reusable jar. Sharena Sol is a traditional Bulgarian seasoning which is varied depending on the village. The basis for Sharena Sol is always savory, paprika and salt. FFP version kicks it up a notch using curled Cypress Salt. Use our Sharena Sol as the canvas to your creation, mixing it to your other favorite seasonings and spices.

DELICIOUSNESS Used alone or as the canvas for other herbs and spices. Use on burgers, steaks, when roasting a chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, pizza and cheese. Add herbs, spices, seeds or nuts to create your own Bulgarian Colorful Salt.


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