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About Us

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In 2012 Fine Food Panetrie officially begun its journey!  I was happy to offer Gourmet Salts, Spices and other perfect accompaniments for your Panetrie. My Love of Cooking, Entertaining and DELICIOUSNESS embodies the passion behind Fine Food Panetrie. Looking back now, something bigger was happening and it has!  

My Cook Book, Cooking At Home:  Family, Friends, Food & Laughter is the heart of FFP. Yes, I offer a small sampling of some high quality ingredients which anyone can use to enhance their culinary creation.  They are simple, pure, aromatic Gourmet Salts & Spices many of which are certified organic and kosher as well as kitchen staples with natural ingredients with little to no sugar and salt offered to culinary 'artists' and those who desire to be, Fine Food Panetrie was born with you in mind.

Growing up watching my mother, a kitchen goddess work her craft inspired me over the years to not only learn to prepare amazing food but how to entertain guests in a manner in which everyone feels special. My parents dinner parties when I was a young girl left an undeniable impression on me and was the inspiration for the book.  Sadly, it has been come a rarity for families, whatever their dynamic to prepare and eat a meal together at the table.  

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Preparing what you will serve is important.  Just as important is how you set a place at your table. Whether a family dinner, or entertaining a large crowd or an intimate Friday night with your close friends, entertaining is an art form.   The host sets the mood with the food, beverage, music and ambiance.  Over the years I watched my parent’s fluidity in how they prepared for their guests, what a team; something my husband and I strive for in our home when getting ready for guests.

Her cooking honored her Portuguese heritage combined with popular New England foods and classic dishes.  To this day, our family still looks forward to her annual Christmas meal of Prime Rib and Yorkshire pudding, a delicious classic which has been cooked to perfection for over thirty years in our home.

I now set a place for you at our table to welcome you. You'll find all you need to create high quality home cooked meals that family, friends and loved ones will enjoy and clamor for more. Sit down and stay awhile!

To Your Next Delicious Meal,